Book Review - Single by Saturday by Catherine Bybee

Catherine Bybee is one of my favorite romance writers.  I have particularly loved her Weekday Brides series and how the characters that she has created are so memorable and easy to relate with.  While I’m not sure I’ll ever love another book couple in any series as much as I love Carter and Eliza, Karen and Zach in Single by Saturday did not disappoint me in the least. 

I have learned to love Karen ever since she was introduced in the first book in the series.  She has been looking for a marriage of convenience in order for her to fulfill her dream of opening a home for kids in trouble.  In the previous books she had met her perfect match in Michael, a very closeted Hollywood leading man.  In the match they found their best friend and have been happily living their “on paper only” marriage for the past year. 

Zach is Michael’s older brother, that has been sent by the family to do reconnaissance on the wife they never met.  They all were suspecting either the girl or the marriage was made up as some Hollywood stunt, so he was surprised to find out that not only was she real, but she was a good person and not a gold digger.  And neither of them expected the instant chemistry they had together.

Karen’s loyalty to Michael will not allow her to reveal his secret, but the attraction between Zach and Karen cannot be denied.  Can Karen pursue Zach after her scheduled end to her marriage to Michael, knowing it will hurt him?  Can Zach possibly sit by and pine for his brother’s wife, even when he can tell there is something off about their relationship?

What I loved most about Single by Saturday was how well the conflict worked.  There was no contrived situation or misunderstanding that occurs to keep the lovers apart.  Both of them struggle, for slightly different reasons, to try and stay away from the person that could be their true love.    Bybee does a wonderful job of crafting the story so that none of the characters are the villain, which makes it easy to be sympathetic with all members of the love triangle.    

I hope that we eventually learn more about what happens with Michael.  Due to the nature of the genre, I realize he wouldn't be able to have his own standalone book, but a peak into his HEA would be nice before the series wraps up.


MATURITY RATING - 18 + a little steamy


New York Times Bestselling Author
USA Today Bestselling Author
Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author
Amazon #1 Bestselling Author
#1 IndieReader Bestselling Author

Winner of the More Than Magic Award for Paranormal romance 2011

Catherine Bybee has been addicted to books for as long as she can remember. With the love of reading romance novels came the desire to write them as well. Creating worlds where passion and intrigue collide and where werewolves fall in love gives Catherine the perfect balance. And what young woman hasn't fantasized of traveling through time to find the perfect man? Catherine currently lives in Southern California with her supportive and patient husband and two growing sons. If she isn't busy at her computer or with her family, she's volunteering for any number of organizations or working as a RN in a busy Emergency Room. 

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