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Book Review - Executive Seduction by Jennifer Probst

First of all, Jennifer Probst is one of my favorite authors.  I'd read the phone book if she wrote it!  So when she re-released one of her earlier books, I jumped at the chance to read it!  If you haven't read her Marriage to a Billionaire series yet, be sure and pick it up after you are done reading this book. You wont regret it I promise! Executive Seduction is the perfect mix of sizzle, romance, and conflict.  The characters are lovable and realistic, and the book is an easy feel good read. Logan doesn't do complicated relationships, and is more interested in closing the next business deal than finding someone to go home to at night.  Chandler is looking for a guy who wants to get married and have kids and loves her for quirky values and free spirit lifestyle.  She has done the executive thing, both romantically and professionally, and knows she wants nothing to do with that life again.  So when she steps into Logan’s office for a business proposition, she has no in

Book Review – Not Quite Enough by Catherine Bybee - 5 Stars!

Catherine Bybee is probably better known for her amazing Weekday Bride series; however her Not Quite series is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  Each of the books in this series could easily be standalone books; however I had grown to like Monica so much in the previous two books in the series I was eagerly awaiting her book to be released.  I was not at all disappointed.  Not Quite Enough was an emotional book that I truly could not put down.  The book had plenty of romance in it, but it also had action and suspense that I was not expecting, but was very well done.  Not only was I able to connect emotionally with Monica the heroine, but with the hero Trent as well.  Rarely am I able to connect as much to what a hero is feeling and understand their motivations as I did in this story. The description of Jamaica as both a paradise vacation destination, a place full of poverty stricken natives, as well as post disaster conditions, was very well done.  The subplot story about th