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Book Review - Reluctantly Resuced by Ruth Cardello

ABOUT THE BOOK Bradford has spent his life saving innocents, but there are some days he doesn't see much difference between himself and the criminals he takes out. His goal is to die doing something important. Until he meets Joanna and she turns his life upside down. Children's book author. Mini-horse rescue owner. She believes every life has value, and that no matter how lost someone is there is always a way back. She's determined to be his friend, but she's too sweet, too sexy to resist, and way too interested in another man. She's everything he isn't and everything he wants. He's so broken she can't walk away from him, but how far will she go to save him? (Starring: Clay Landon as Fairy Godfather Extraordinaire) REVIEW You had me at "Starring: Clay Landon as Fairy Godfather Extraordinaire."  Ruth has once again written a romantic comedy that is equal in both.  The best thing about Bradford is that he has been the straight man to every