Book Review - Begin Again by Christy Newton

I received a free copy of Begin Again, the first book in the Crimson Romance series by Christy Newton, in exchange for an honest review.  I honestly loved this book and these characters.  I was able to read the book in one setting during a 5 hour flight, and was grateful that I never had to put it down. 

Christy Newton has written a wonder novel about two strong characters who find their way to each other, in spite of their past baggage they each bring to the relationship.

Ryan is a rare hero who is a unique combination of being a good guy who stands up for what he believes in. He means well, but doesn't always do exactly the right thing at the right time. In short, he's a real life guy that doesn't leave unrealistic expectations of men for single ladies out there, and reminds the reader that good guys do still exist.

Maisie is a broken woman just trying to get through each day without the painful reminders of her past. She isn't looking for love and instead finds a friend in Ryan. Of course the reader is rooting for them to become a couple all the way through, but knowing what keeps her back from loving again, it is easy to understand why she finds it difficult to take the next step.

This is a fun and short read and I can't wait to read more by the author!


MATURITY RATING - 18 + a little steamy


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