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Cover Reveal - Billionaire Undone by J.S. Scott

Billionaire Undone After four years of working for “the billionaire boss from hell” Ally Caldwell thinks she finally has her life on  the right  track.  Her fiancĂ© is out of dental school, ready to   go to work at a thriving practice, and it would  finally  be her turn to go back and finish her college degree.  Unfortunately, her carefully planned future crumbles when she finds out that her fiancĂ©, the man she’d nearly killed herself to help get through school, has been  cheating on her.  With her wedding looming in the near future, Ally’ s blindsided, realizing she’d never even knew the man she’d been planning to marry.    Suddenly, her carefully organized life is turned upside down, and not one single thing is turning out the way it was supposed to happen. Even her boss , Travis the Tyrant,  is beginning to act differently, throwing Ally into an even more confused and chaotic state of mind.  Travis, the one man who she’d always counted on to be a jerk , was now the guy who

Promo Post - Take Me Home

Title : Take Me Home (Wakefield Romance Series #4) Genre :Contemporary Military Romance Published : March 17, 2014 Author : Theresa Marguerite Hewitt Four months after a life altering decision, Ellie is trying to keep her head above water. She takes it day by day, trying not to lean too much on her friends and family. Fighting her demons from the past, is she strong enough or ready to love again? Bobby isn't proud of the way he left Wakefield, and Ellie, behind, but he’s trying to make himself a better man. The desert and his security detail hold a lot of twists and turns for Timmons, but he never goes a day without thinking about the feisty woman who has his heart. When he makes it back to Wakefield, will there be enough left between them to mend the broken hearts? This fourth installment in this loved military romance series brings us some bumps in the road for Chad and Rhea as well. Because, as we all know, no one in the little town of Wakefield, Virginia has

Blog Tour - Come Away With Me

Synopsis Gio Andrade: Rich, powerful, sexy. A man who thinks he has everything . . . until he meets Julia. Julia Bennett: Sweet, spontaneous, and desperate to sell her jewelry line in New York City. She takes a job as a night security guard to pay the rent. Sparks fly when she mistakes her boss for an intruder.  He can’t get her out of his head.  She can’t find the strength to deny him.  Will lies bring them together or tear them apart forever? Exclusive excerpt for the tour   “Good morning, Julia,” Gio said, his voice warm and intimate. She sat straight up in her bed and dropped the card. “Mr. Andrade.” “We’re way beyond using last names and you know that.” Protectively pulling down her nightgown to cover her knees, Julia said huskily, “About that. Thank you for the flowers, but—” “Did I wake you?” “No, the delivery did that,” she said, then felt bad that she sounded ungrateful. This wasn’t going as she’d planned. “So, you’re not on yo

Book Review - Billionaire and The Barfly (A Coming Home Novel) by Adrianne James

ABOUT Henry Maximus is a super-hero-loving geek and proud of it. He’s also a genius when it comes to business. It’s how he earned the title of CEO of Maximus Gaming … not to mention the billions of dollars in his bank account. Henry’s tried living the life of a bachelor, but a different girl every night has left him wanting more. Needing more. Aubrey Vincent is in love with her job. She’ll love it even more if she lands the promotion that gets her out of her parent’s attic. She loves it so much that she has no time for relationships, not that she was ever very good at them to begin with. Aubrey is perfectly happy with the random, nameless men she picks up at the bar.   After a brief encounter with Aubrey on a business trip, Henry packs his bags and moves back to the small town where he grew up. Aubrey’s town. Aubrey attempts to find her way into Henry’s bed, while he tries everything to get into her heart. Will Henry’s plan to break down the walls Aubrey has built around he

Release Day Blitz - That's A Lie by Victoria Klahr -- Free for 2 days!

That's A Lie Author:  Victoria Klahr Release Date:  March 25, 2014 Genre:  New Adult Contemporary Romance Add It:   Goodreads Synopsis Seth is back. When he walked back into my life, it almost felt like the pieces of my broken heart could be fixed. I thought we could go back to being best friends, but then I started to feel what I had been blocking out for years. I tried. Boy, did I try! But once I started to let him in, I wanted nothing more than to cross that line from friendship into something more… Just when I think I can move on and let myself be happy, an ugly reminder from my past comes storming in and threatens to destroy the sliver of hope that's been growing since Seth came back. Do I even deserve to be loved? “I’m not asking to fix your heart. I’m not asking to mend you. I love each and every shattered piece of you. I’m asking that you let me love you. Let me love each piece of your broken heart, and I swear to you I will make up for every heartach

Release Day Blitz - Falling for Bentley by Shawnte Borris

Synopsis: Just when Bentley Knight thought life was only about football and women, a Hail Mary pass comes at him, changing everything. Forced to grow up faster than he wants, Bentley struggles with the responsibility of being a good example to his younger brother, on and off the football field, and pleasing his frustrated, demanding father. Just when he reaches his limit of complications, in walks a beautiful blond angel, endangering the delicate balance he’s finally found in his new life.   When mistakes of his past threaten to derail his future, will Bentley be man enough to win the heart of the girl he once ridiculed in high school, who just happens to be the woman of his dreams? Add to Goodreads: Falling for Bentley (Part One) Teaser: Falling For Bentley By: Shawnte Borris Copyright@Borris2014 One eye barely open,  I  glanced   around the room , desperate f