Book Review - Summer is for Lovers by Jennifer McQuiston

This is the next book in the series I reviewed a couple of weeks ago.  While I really enjoyed the first book, I found I enjoyed this one even more.

The book takes place in the same world as What Happens In Scotland, but this time David has gone down to Brighton for an extended holiday with his Mother.  This also happens to be the same place he had previously attempted to take his life 11 years earlier and had been saved by a local girl.  They meet again on the same beach, and strike-up a friendship knowing nothing more can happen because he is unwilling to fall in love again and she needs to find a husband with more financial security.  At least that is the plan.

While this is the second book in the Avon series, this book stands alone well.  The same humor is there from What Happens in Scotland, but this book expands upon all of the elements that were present in the previous book and this time knocks them out of the park.  The humor is still there, but is more subtle and rarely takes the reader out of the story to land the joke.  The characters are just as well developed, and the struggles they each are going through are relatable.  The challenges of an unmarried 23 year old women during this time were real, and  having to chose between the financial security and future of her family and the man she loves is a realistic problem to have, and is done without too much angst. 

I hope we will finally get to see David and James work out their differences.  There is a bromance brewing there that I think McQuiston will be able to handle with the same humor and charm she has put into these last two novels.

Another 5 star book.


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