Book Review - Loved by You (A Laurel Heights Novel) by Kate Perry

This is the 10th, and I believe final, novel in the Laurel Heights series by Kate Perry.  KT and Chance are both quirky characters who begin a fake relationship that at some point stops feeling fake, and they have to figure out if they can make a real relationship work.  The side story is about KT's sister Bijou's budding relationship with musician/therapist Will, and her reluctance to date another relationship.  KT and Bijou grew up the children of world famous rock star parents, who are just as quirky and lovable as their children. 

We also get to see glimpses of several of the previous characters in the Laurel Heights series.  If this is the end, I wish we could have seen just a bit more of the characters we had grown to love as some were completely omitted in the final book and I felt like I didn't have a chance to say goodbye.

I think for a new reader who had not read the previous books, this would be easy to pick-up and not feel lost.  The characters from previous books we do see are well explained and have reasons to be there, so it shouldn't leave a new reader wondering what they were missing.

Romance - 4 stars

I liked KT and Chance together and honestly find it hard to imagine either of them not being happy with anyone else.  I found Chance more likable of the two, however from the glimpses of KT I'd seen in previous books, I was already fascinated by her and was looking forward to her story.  I found the romance a bit rushed.  I felt it from Chance's side, but sometimes KT seemed more in lust than in love. 

Plot - 4.5 stars

I think Perry does a good job with the plot and pacing of this book.  My only complaint is that there are several points where I was shouting at KT and Chance that they just needed to keep their clothes on a little longer and talk to each other!  I think Perry is a good enough writer to have found a more creative way to keep the couple apart.

Characters - 5 stars

KT and Chance were well drawn out characters as was Bijou, but I felt Will was lacking a little.  I liked Bijou and Will enough as a couple, I really wanted them to have their own story and get to know Will a little better, and more about why he didn't perform as much anymore.  Maybe we'll see more of them in the next book, which is why I am still giving this 5 stars.

Writing - 5 stars

Perry does a great job of giving the characters their own personalities and staying true to them.  The story is light and funny and everything I've come to expect from Perry.

Overall - 5

Overall I give this novel, and the series, 5 stars.  It was an easy read, and left me happy and content, if not a bit sad to be leaving the Laurel Heights community that I've come to know over the past year.


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