Book Review - Modern Love by Beau North


"Love at first sight wasn't meant for millennials," thinks Alice Aberdeen: art student, recovering addict, David Bowie enthusiast. Alice is among the recently dumped and only wants to keep her nose to the grindstone until she finishes her degree. Her sister has other ideas and sets her up with new-in-town Will Murphy--tall, dark, and aloof. To say it wasn't an instant attraction is an understatement: He finds her abrasive, with her sharp tongue and don't-screw-with-me attitude. She thinks he's excessively reserved, too damn serious. But the more time Alice spends with Will, the more their slow burn begins to thaw her heart. A man of two worlds, half-Irish, half-Indian, Will feels at home with Alice. He soon realizes her tough shell is hiding extensive scar tissue--from her addiction and recovery to her spectacularly bad ex-girlfriend to the loss of her mother. Modern Love isn't a story about love at first sight but learning to love yourself before being able to see the one you love.


This is a refreshing story that reads like a quirky romantic comedy except the main character isn't a sweet girl looking for love.  She is a damaged young woman who has a questionable past but is finally getting her life together and is trying to get through life the best way she can, which isn't always (or even usually) with a smile and happy face and something pleasant to say to everyone.  She is a regular person!  I randomly picked this book up based on the title and description and I am so glad I did.  This will not be for everyone, but anyone who loves a good romance and real characters with actual life experience and sass will love this book and I can't wait to read what Beau North writes next.

MATURITY RATING - 18+ a little steamy


Beau North is a native southerner who now calls Portland, Oregon home with her husband and two cats. She attended the University of South Carolina where she began a lifelong obsession with English Literature. In her spare time, Beau is the brains behind Rhymes With Nerdy, an internet collective focused on pop culture.


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