Book Review - Ask Me Again Book 1 by Kara Kinsley

This is Book 1 of the 3 book "Ask Me Again" series.

Devin Grant had his future all figured out. Fight fires in his hometown until he could save the money to go off to college and become an Arson Investigator. He was going to leave his small town behind for something bigger and better. Until someone from his past walked back into his life.
Tricia Green had dreamed of leaving her run of the mill small town for as long as she could remember. All she wanted was to get away from the dead end life she lived with her alcoholic mother and never present father. More than anything, she wanted to head off to college and pursue her dream of being a physical therapist. But fate had other plans. Plans that would change her life forever. 

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about first kisses, because that is what you do when you spend your time watching Netflix shows based on YA novels.  In every good first kiss, there is a moment where you're taken aback that it's really happening.  One moment you're hesitant, terrified at everything that could go wrong and what is at risk but thoroughly excited about the prospect of what could go right. Then, the air leaves the room, and all you have is closed eyes and the warmth of his lips and his smell and your complete, consuming need.  The warmth blossoming in your belly while you're lost in your private universe.

This book was nothing like that.   There is a first kiss, sure.  Reuniting with a lost friend.  The feeling that it might be meant to be, but you don't want to lose the best friend you ever had.  The characters are likable and responsible and mature.  Even, though it ended in a CLIFFHANGER FOR REALS GUYS THIS IS ONE OF THOSE FREE TO START GET SUCKED IN AND SURELY YOU'LL PAY $4 FOR THE NEXT ONE AND THEN THE NEXT ONE KIND OF CLIFFHANGER, I may not keep reading.  For all the warmth and the tenderness, it should have checked the hell out of my boxes, but it just fell flat for me.

MATURITY RATING - 16+, but mostly because of the terrifying drug and alcohol content.  But I am not your kids' parent.  Maybe that is what you do.  Show them books like these and scare them straight.

Kara Kinsley is first and foremost a storyteller looking to touch her readers with stories of love, devotion, and faith.

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