Book Review - Mad about Max By Holly Jacobs


Happy endings don’t come easy. . .

Author Grace Macguire is on her way! Her publisher has just bought more of her bestselling Fairy Godmother series of books, and finally, she’s looking at financial security! Her life is just about perfect…until the three fairy godmothers from her books appear and tell her they intend to find Grace her very own happily-ever-after!

So Grace does what any rational person would do when three fictional fairies show up in her car—she finds psychiatric help for her sudden sanity-impairment.

In his career as a psychiatrist, Dr. Max Aaronson thought he'd seen it all. But none of his previous patients has prepared him for Grace Macguire. The poor woman has a bad case of fairy delusions. but when she smiles, he finds he almost believes in magic. Almost.

It’s a bumpy road to Happily Ever After, but with the fairies’ bumbling help, Grace finally gets there. But first, she has to admit that maybe she is a little insane. After all, she’s . . . Mad About Max. 

“Fans of whimsical romance will not want to miss Mad About Max. Full of wit and charm, it’s a book that begs to be read quickly and won’t be put down until the last page. – Ivy Quill Reviews

“This delightfully amusing book had me hysterically laughing one minute and tearing up the next.” – Kathy Boswell, E-book and Small Press Reviewer for Romantic Times Magazine

“Holly Jacobs’ deliciously unconventional tale of a writer who thinks she's crazy, and her sexy psychiatrist is guaranteed to endear readers." – Bestselling author, Cheryl St. John

Award-winning author Holly Jacobs has sold more than two and a half million books worldwide. Along with her family and her cover model dogs, she resides in Erie, Pennsylvania, which serves as the setting for many of her stories, including her Dear Fairy Godmother series!


I love Holly Jacobs as an author.  She is definitely one of my go to auto-buy authors.  When some of her early work was re-released on the kindle I jumped at the chance to read anything "new" written by her.  I was a little underwhelmed.  The quality of the writing the writing was good and up to the standards I expect from her, but the story was a little over the top and I was just not feeling it.  I never really got into the characters and the story like I typically do with one of her books.  It was a decent book and I'd recommend it as a quick read, it was still better than most of the fluff that is out there, it just wasn't my favorite of Jacobs' writing.  I'm not sure if I'll read the next two in the series or not... oh who am I kidding, of course I will.

MATURITY RATING - 18+ a little steamy


Holly Jacobs leads a life full of romance and adventure. From skydiving to jet-setting around Europe, from snorkeling in coral reefs to writing while wearing beautiful silk peignoir sets and popping chocolate bonbons, Holly Jacobs leads a life that is the epitome of romance... 

Well, my fictional life sounds more interesting, but not better than my real life. Really, I'm the happily married mother of four. I cook a lot, garden and weave baskets! I write for Montlake Romance and Harlequin. My books range from lighthearted comedies to more serious dramas and now even mysteries...but at heart, they're all stories of love. 

I don't always set out to write a series of books, but seem to find myself gravitating to them. Because so many people have asked, I've posted lists of all my series in order at I really try to make each story stand alone, but many of my readers enjoy reading the series in order. Hope this helps!

Thank you to everyone who's picked up a single book, or more of them. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by so much support! 



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