Book Review - Tainted Deception by Aleya Michelle

Ivy Maisen thinks she knows exactly what type of guy Chase Hudson is — billionaire, extremely good looking, cocky as hell, and a guy that women salivate over...

But looks can be deceiving...

Underneath the tuxedo, luxurious demeanor and smooth character is a bad boy covered in tattoos, piercings, the lead singer in a band, and he owns three of the clubs that Ivy frequents.
Oh and he rides a Harley...

Will Ivy finally open her eyes and allow herself to see the real Chase or will she reject his alter-ego and refuse his advances again and again?
When desire is tainted with deception and lies, does that person become less desirable?

Could love be the one thing powerful enough to push them past the deception and down to the real person underneath the facade?

Let's start with the positives.  The love scenes were well written and accessible.  For those who blush easily, they are extremely explicit.  Like, "Holy hell, I hope this guy sitting next to me on a plane has bad eyesight," kind of explicit. 

Now, the rest of it.  Tainted Deception's story arc is full manufactured conflicts and put together in a way that shows that the real effort was put into maximizing the love scenes and not the rest of the pages that string together the bits about boning.  At best, this is an average read, and if you find it for free on kindle, there are worse things you can do with your time.

A word for our heroine:  you don't need to rely on wispy shawls to cover your tats in front of your parent's business partners.  Get some major, serious ink and check out Kat Von D's cover-ups.  They even come in porcelain.  You're welcome, dear. 

MATURITY RATING - 18+ a little steamy


"I'm a born and bred Aussie Chick:)
An indie author with three books released in My Heart Series. Breaking my Heart, Healing my Heart & Forever in my Heart.

I'm married with 3 crazy kids, never a dull moment in life, I love to write and read to escape daily routine.
My favourite author would have to be Abbi Glines."

You can connect with Aleya Michelle through Twitter and Facebook or through her website


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